Saturday, September 12, 2009

And the Purging Marches On

Jill's Journal: It seems not too many days go by without me purging items, whether that means selling, donating, or destroying them. Last week I sold a saddle to a lady in Tennessee and donated a mountain of old tack to Central Kentucky Riding for the Handicapped. And a few days ago, Adam and Kristi had a massive burn pile and I burned 11 – yes, 11! – file boxes of old papers. Electric bills from 15 years ago, performance reviews from old jobs, etc. just don’t seem so important to keep! Seeing all that paper – records of life’s details – go up in flames was remarkably freeing.

We actually had a pretty uncluttered and tidy life compared to the average American family before this whole process started, but it’s amazing how much stuff one really doesn’t need.

Occasionally I glance at a site called and a recent post struck close to home. In brief:

“Even if you live to be 100, life is short… There are only 24 hours in a day, and I want to spend those hours focused on what is important to me… Uncluttering is about clearing the distractions that get in the way of your remarkable life. Once the distractions are gone, you can pursue your priorities and make the most of your life. My life’s motto is to Carpe Vitam — Seize Life.”

It sort of sums up why we’re seeking this adventure. We want to focus on what matters most to us – our little family – and the fabulous purging we’re doing now will help remove all the distractions. Bring it on!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lead Us Not into Temptation…

Jill's Journal: Rob’s been back for about 10 days now from his 5,000-mile journey to pick up our fifth wheel. It’s wonderful to have him home and wonderful to finally have seen our “house on wheels,” as the girls call it. It’s not fancy, but it’s perfect for us. It’s incredibly spacious when all four slide-outs are used and so full of cupboards and drawers that I’m not one bit worried about storage. In fact, if we were just using it as the average family does – for vacations or weekends – I would truly feel it is excessive! But we’re not; we’re going to live in this thing full-time and it feels just right. I love it. And the girls are enamored with it! They want to move in right now. So do I. SO DO I. Waiting another nine months to hit the road is going to be even harder with it just sitting out there, tempting me…