Monday, July 2, 2012

Adventures with Elizabeth

Jill's Journal: Oh sure, she looks innocent enough, but if there were ever a person with a knack for finding trouble adventure whenever I’m with her, it’s Elizabeth. It doesn’t matter where we’ve been together over the last nearly 20 years – the Bahamas, Tijuana, Nashville, Phoenix, you name it – if we’re together, hilarity just somehow happens. I’m not sure which one of us is Lucy and which one is Ethel, but we’d surely make those fictional ladies proud by our ridiculous antics. Our time together in Las Vegas on this trip just overlapped by one day, but Elizabeth and I made the most of it with a very rare-for-me girls’ night out. And my goodness, I could not imagine a more loyal and dedicated friend. Everyone should be so lucky as to have an Elizabeth. We’re at such different places in our lives, her single and carefree and me married with soon-to-be-four children, but somehow our friendship still just works. And I’m pretty sure it always will. I have no doubt we’re friends for life.

It’s been over 15 years since Elizabeth and I actually lived in the same city. However, in an extremely bizarre twist, we’ll soon be in the same state again. Plans call for her to leave Las Vegas and move to New Jersey in the spring. New Jersey! Of all places! Her move has nothing to do with ours, but out of this whole enormous nation, we’ll be within an hour of each other on the opposite side of the country from where our friendship started nearly two decades ago. How strange (and fortuitous) is that?


Kristin said...

Oh Elizabeth!
She doesn't only get you into adventure (trouble)... when I've seen her, she takes me down too! I'm especially thinking of one night when we found a nest of baby raccoons... don't worry no one got hurt ;-)
Miss that girl!

Love ya, Kristi

Jill said...

LOL Kristi! You're right -- she drags everyone down with her! And hmmmm, I'm thinking that nest of baby raccoons was the least of our adventures on that particular night. Haha! Miss YOU!

Kristin said...

Jill... you may be correct about the baby raccoons being the least of our 'adventures' but it is also the only thing I would like to mention on a public forum :-P

Jill said...

Kristin Joy, you are such a wise woman. :)