Tuesday, July 3, 2012

As promised... Victoria's Gallery

As I mentioned last week, Victoria wondered (aloud again, just this morning) why her photos were not up on the blog just like Madelyn's. I pulled her whole camera and wanted to post a few of these as well - what a treasure trove. These are untouched - raw from the camera.

About 80% of the pictures in Victoria's camera had to do with the latest books the kids have been reading for school.  She loves to take pictures of all the illustrations.  Here are but a very few of them.

Victoria is clearly very excited to have finished her week's work in school.  Note the red scribble over her entire to-do list.  Obviously she was excited to document the occasion.

The pattern pictures below were some of my favorites - books and pencils, and their structure - there might be an entire semester in  Art College about these pics...

Below - it is apparent that Breyerfest is on the girls' mind.  From these posed pictures (best friends), to the monetary goal in the third picture, they are excited that we might be able to attend this year.

I had no choice but to finish with these two pictures.  Something tells me that the camera is in Madelyn's hands, but I don't care - what amazing photos.

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Kristin said...

You guys definitely have some photographers/artists on your hands... wonder where they learned that from. I could take some lessons from them :-)
Miss you girls
Love aunt Kristi