Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot

Jill's Journal: With the heat wave sweeping the country right now, I know Las Vegas isn’t the only place suffering in triple-digit temperatures. And the weatherman today said it was “only” 114 degrees, not the 122 we registered. But either way, it’s hot, evidenced by a phenomenon that I don’t recall having anywhere else. To explain…

In an RV, one has to plan ahead to use hot water. Whether it’s showers, laundry, dishes, or simply washing your hands, if you want hot water, you’d have better turned on the hot water heater some time prior.

Not so in Vegas, apparently. It’s so hot here that the water coming out of our tap is always hot, never cool. Our showers have been taken with only the cold spigot turned on and that’s plenty hot. In fact, water coming out of the “cold” tap would be way too warm for a comfortable swim.

Crazy town.


Andrea said...

Yep, crazy! But having now lived in Tuscon DRY heat and then here HUMIDITY with 103 temps....I prefer the dessert. Do you have AC? Hang in there!

Jill said...

Oh trust me, I'll take dry heat any day over humidity! Any day! And yes, we have a/c, but it's not quite as effective in a trailer as it is in a house. When it's this hot, the a/c can't keep up and the temp inside just climbs and climbs. We will survive!