Thursday, July 12, 2012

Three Opposites

Jill's Journal: Among the oddities I’ve learned since becoming a mama of three: such a thing as three opposites exists.

This picture is a case in point:

Child #1 was completely oblivious to the camera, as she was reading the dictionary. Yes, she does those sorts of things. For fun.

Child #2 saw the camera and immediately jumped into the picture, complete with a cooking pot on her head.

Child #3 saw the camera and dove away, giving me an evil look to ensure I knew she wouldn’t be joining in any photos this afternoon unless it was her idea.

Yep, three opposites. How is that even possible?

World Series of Poker update: Gary is not just hanging tough, but doing great! At this writing, there are 768 players left from the original 6,598. The top 650ish will get paid out of the $62 million+ prize pool. Play starts daily at noon and lasts until after midnight (with brief breaks), so that makes for long, intense days. To have gotten even this far is a huge accomplishment and he’s not done yet. Go Gary!

And can it just be noted that the last time I played in a serious game of poker, I went heads-up with Gary (meaning we were the last two players left in the game). It took an hour or so of heads-up, but I kicked his rear-end! Don’t worry, I have no illusions of being able to repeat that feat. It was pure luck. It’s been so long since I’ve played, I barely remember what a flush is. :)


Kristin said...

just wait till number 4... bet it will be another opposite

Jill said...

Oh crap...I'm sure you're right. Yikes.

Diana said...

Ryan was inspired by this picture & bought himself a dictionary at the dollar store yesterday. Kate hasn't seen the picture yet, but will no doubt be wearing a pot on her head soon enough. Opposites, indeed!

Jill said...

Oh dear...if your third is anywhere near as feisty as my third, well, I wish you well. Good luck with that. :)

(Actually, she's so full of love and joy that it more than makes up for all the drama, thank goodness. But still, good luck.)

Andrea said...

Soooo funny! Mine are so different and it amazes me every day...although Maryn constantly TRIES to be like his sister, repeating everything she says...his little person shines in the end :-)