Friday, July 6, 2012

Red Rock Canyon

Jill's Journal: Fewer than 20 miles from the spectacle that is Las Vegas is the tranquility that is Red Rock Canyon. This National Conservation Area is known primarily for its hiking, which we fully intended to do. But oddly, on the day we had scheduled to visit, the temperature in the whole Las Vegas area dropped from the 108 degrees of the day prior (and the day after) to 61 degrees with winds and rain. We opted to just enjoy the 13-mile scenic loop drive instead.

And really, pictures don’t do it justice. In spite of the overcast day, the red rock was extremely striking. The towering cliffs can stretch up to 3,000 feet above the desert floor. This is a beautiful place – eerily silent and wild, especially when considering how close it is in proximity to the bright lights and crush of people that is Vegas.

We had hoped to spot one of the herds of wild burros that call the canyon home, but we never did. However, we did see plenty of evidence that they really were there. :)


Twinsplus1 said...

Ohmigosh, Jill, we need to meet in person! I LOVE that last picture - that is totally something I would take a picture of and post! :). Alas, next time you all are in Northern Nevada, make sure Bobby sets up a meet n' greet!

Andrea said...

Okay so I have seen a few times now people nearly cause an accident here by dead stopping in the road to help turtles across!! Too funny! I did many of the Canyon's in my younger years...quite the sight!

Jill said...

* mean not everyone posts pictures of, ahem, manure? :)

*Andrea, I have never seen a turtle cross a road! That must be a sight. :)

Andrea said...

It's pretty funny actually since you will see them crossing and when the car goes by they stick their head back in fast and the car twirls them around. I now get the kids to keep an eye out which they think is so fun! (hence no arguing in the backseat!)

gretchenhs said...

All the times I've been to Vegas, I've always wanted to go to Red Rock Canyon to look for the wild horses/burros but have never had a car.
Have fun in Vegas, I've never even thought about taking Liz there, I bet it would be pretty fantastic from a kids point of view!

Jill said...

Gretch, it's a hoot with kids! They are cracking me up. Erika keeps arguing with me that a pyramid makes perfect sense here since it's hot and deserty in Egypt too! Can't dispute logic like that. :)